Library Committee

Library Committee


S.No. Name Designation Department Status
1 Dr. A Srinivas Assoc. Professor ECE Convener
2 Mr. K Siva Prasad Librarian BS&H Member
3 Mrs. V Tanuja Asst. Professor CE Member
4 Mr. B Rathan Kumar Asst. Professor EEE Member
5 Mrs. K Aravinda Asst. Professor MECH Member
6 Mr. Anil Kumar Karri Asst. Professor MECH Member
7 Mrs. B S S Vidya Asst. Professor ECE Member
8 Mrs. K L Viveka Asst. Professor CSE Member
9 Ms. L Yamuna Asst. Professor CSE Member
10 Mrs. N V S Sowjanya Asst. Professor IT Member
11 Mrs. R Amulyam Asst. Professor BS&H Member


  • Performance of all jobs related to library technical services, including acquiring new books, Journals, Audio, Video materials and classification, classifying library materials and maintaining an accurate, up-to-date database of library holdings and physically processing items being added to and withdrawn from the collection.

  • Supervising and assisting in entering library materials into the database in accordance with the MARC standard using library management software.

  • Supervision of the operations of the library circulation and technical services staff.

  • Operation and maintenance of library facilities like digital library, Internet PCs, servers, reprography, computers and other IT equipment.

  • Providing training to students and staff using of digital library, e-resources like IEEE, ASCE, ASME, J-GATE, INFLIBNET, DELNET, NDL & IEI, and other open resources.

  • Evaluate materials to determine outdated or unused items to be discarded.

  • Documentation and feedback on work practices and procedures to ensure the continuous improvement of lending and document services of the library.

  • Maintains library discipline and culture

  • Prepares annual budget for library

  • Identifies Book distributors for purchase of books

Procures the required number of titles and volumes for each program