R & D Overview

“We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count. Without which no worthwhile Scientific discovery could have been made”

……. Albert Einstein  

India was known as ‘Land of Inventions’. Zero concept was gifted to the world by our country. The Indian industry holds 36.7% share of on R&D and investing mainly on Automobile, Pharmaceutical and Semiconductor Research. In coming decade, investment is expected to be on Cyber security, Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and 5G.

Presently Think Tanks (NRF), Atal Thinking Laboratories and Institutional Collaborations (IITs, IISC etc.,). A Patent Box was introduced by the Government which levies 10% tax on royalties from patents registered in our country. Website ‘Manthan’ has been established for fostering Industry-Academia partnership for R&D Projects. The expenditure on R&D is an indicator of Technological change, innovation and economic progress of any organisation. The Basic, Applied and Development are the three types of Research which serve any unique purpose.

Keeping the significance of R&D, Pragati focused on student research programmes for improving the knowledge dissemination in rural and remote areas; proposed to design the electronic devices to be used in health issues under interdisciplinary research; Research studies on climate change by applying technology, Science and Engineering research; Research in Chemical Sciences and in interdisciplinary areas of Chemical Biology, Chemical Physics and Nanotechnology. There is great hope that Pragati has a long way to become an innovation powerhouse for the Research world in near future.