1. Tata Consultancy Services

2. Infosys – Campus Connect

3. Mission R&D

4. Talent Sprint

5. Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE)

6. TCS ion

Tata Consultancy Services

Pragati Engineering College and Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) Hyderabad have entered into a MOU September 16, 2012. The purpose of this Agreement is exploring various areas of cooperation, benefiting both the institutions. It will be in force for a period of three years.

Under this MOU TCS has come forward to offer a package of academic interface programme (AIP). TCS shall support the student and teacher communities of the college through Workshops, Faculty Development Programmes, Student Awards and Internships. Apart from this TCS will be sponsoring one Best Student Award and one Best Project Award, consisting of a gold medal, certificate and cash prize.

Infosys – Campus Connect

Launched by Infosys in May 2004, Campus Connect is a unique academia-industry initiative to “architect the education experience”. Pragati Engineering College is associated with Campus Connect since 2005 and ever since deployed many programmes of Campus Connect for the students like Foundation Programme, Soft Skills, Aspirations 2020, Spark, etc. The college is one among the 7 colleges chosen in A.P. for the conduct of Aspirations 2020- a contest series for engineering students. The MoU with Infosys is signed in 2008 and subsequently renewed in 2011.

Mission R & D

Pragati Engineering College had collaborated with Mission R&D in 2013, to prepare the students for R&D roles. Mission R &D is an initiative started which is focused on improving computer science education. The following are the details of the programme.

Programme Highlights

  • Starts in III year I semester for CSE and IT students.
  • 40 students from each college will be selected (basing on a test)
  • An awareness programme will be conducted, for 8 classes. These 8 classes will be conducted for 8 months (one class per month, typically on a Saturday).
  • This programme continues for entire III year.
  • When students complete III year, a test will be conducted for these 40 students. Students who clear the test will be subjected to Summer Training for 40 days at a centralised location (mostly Hyderabad). Students will be trained on programming for product companies.
  • Resource persons from CISCO, Microsoft, Amazon, etc will train students.
  • Post completion of the training, these trained students will be eligible for campus recruitments from among the list of product companies signed up with Mission R &D.



Pragati Engineering College had signed a MoU with M/s TalentSprint, Hyderabad in 2013. The scope of the MoU is as follows,

1) A Centre of Excellence (CoE) will be established by TalentSprint in our campus.

2) As a Part of Centre of Excellence, the following will be delivered (a combination of in class training and virtual learning)

a) Technology Training (Java/Testing) – 150 Hrs

b) Project Development – 120 Hrs

c) Industry Readiness Training- 80 Hrs

d) Industry Seminars – 50 Hrs

3) Students will be co-certified by TalentSprint and IIIT, Bangalore.

4) Post completion of the training, these trained students will be eligible for campus recruitments from among the list of companies signed up with TalentSprint.

Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE)

Pragati Engineering College had entered in to collaboration with Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE), a non-profit organisation located in USA in 2012. The following are the benefits for the college as part of this collaboration.

  • Affiliation with IFEES (International Federation of Engineering Education Societies); access to special programs such as International Conferences, Global Webinars and Global Student Programs.
  • Contacts with over 200 US Experts and their Institutions; short visits by US experts.
  • Facilitation of collaborations with US colleges including MOUs, Centers of Excellence, twinning programs, faculty and student exchanges, visits to US universities.
  • Short workshops or courses for faculty and/or students by US experts travelling to India (Faculty Leadership Institute, FLI); Member Host Institution in India pays costs and may recoup part of its investment through fees for outside participants.
  • Webinars and short courses on-line by US experts, Indian experts and Industry Leaders relevant for faculty and students on relevant topics conducted regularly.
  • Advising by US faculty as Research Co-Guides for faculty pursuing PhDs.
  • Opportunities for US faculty or Indian faculty from Member Institution to spend a semester or more at other’s college, collaborating in research and teaching.
  • Advice from US experts in hosting International Conferences or Seminars.
  • Advice from US experts on Improving Academic Infrastructure, including assistance in setting up
  • Centers of Excellence and special laboratories for improving teaching and research
  • Advice in connecting with potential US colleges interested in twinning programs (such as 2+3 BS/MS and 4 +1 MS degree programs).
  • Advise Member Institutions with Strategic Planning for enhancing quality of academics, including contacts with US experts for Advisory Boards
  • Facilitate Student Networking with each other, faculty and industry experts using a unique on-line platform (Classle.net)


TCS ion

Pragati Engineering College had signed a MoU with TCS ion in 2012. As part of the MoU, TCS will be using Pragati’s infrastructure for the conduct of various prestigious exams like GATE, IBPS, etc.