Research Centers

  • The departments CSE, ME, ECE, EEE and Chemistry Departments were recognized as Research Centres by JNTUK, Kakinada
  • The departments CSE, ME, ECE, EEE, CIVIL, IT are equipped adequately with research laboratory facilities.
  • The faculty from EEE, CSE, ME are acting as Research Supervisors for Ph. D scholars. 3 scholars are pursuing Ph. D in EEE department.
  • 3 scholars are pursuing Ph. D programme in CSE department from JNTUK, Kakinada.
  • 5 scholars were awarded Ph. D degree in Chemistry (Two from Andhra University and 3 from JNTUK, Kakinada) and 4 Scholars are pursuing Ph. D programme in Chemistry from JNTUK, Kakinada and One scholar pursuing Ph. D programme in Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamilnadu in interdisciplinary Research Chemical Physics.
  • One JRF worked in Chemistry Department for BRNS, BARC Project was awarded Ph. D in Chemistry from Andhra University.
  • Some faculty members were recently awarded Ph.D degrees in all Engineering departments and also in Basic Sciences.
  • Some faculty members are pursuing Ph. D programmes both in Engineering and Basic Sciences. Some of the faculty members also registered for Ph. D programmes.

The participation of both students and faculty in research activities is an indicator of the research potentialities of Pragati.