CSE (Data Science)

             Department of CSE(Data Science) have been started in the year 2020-21, with an intake of 60. The intake is increased to 120 in the year 2022-23 and again the intake is increased to 180 in the year 2023-24.

             The stream of Data Science enables organizations to analyse all their data (real-time, historical, unstructured, structured, qualitative) to identify patterns and generate insights to inform and, in some cases, automate decisions, connecting intelligence and action. Today’s best solutions support the end-to-end analytical process from accessing, preparing, and analysing data to operationalizing analytics and monitoring results. 

       Students of this department have started an Industry 4.0 club from the department titled “Data Analytics Club”. As part of the club there are student members from all branches of engineering. The objective of the club is to help Students to upgrade themselves with the tools and techniques of Data Analytics. Different activities will be conducted as part of the department and also as club activities like Seminars, Technical Series, Technical Quizzes and Data Product Panoply.