Examination Committee


S.No. Name Designation Department Status
1 Dr. Y Jayababu Professor & Controller of Examinations CSE Convener
2 Mr. A Ravi Teja Asst.Professor CE Member
3 Mr. K Sri Ramurty Asst.Professor EEE Member
4 Mrs. P Gayathri Asst.Professor MECH Member
5 Mr. B Sudhir Asst.Professor ECE Member
6 Ms. G Viranya Asst.Professor ECE Member
7 Ms. D V V Lakshmi Asst.Professor ECE Member
8 Dr. Y V Ram Kumar Asst.Professor CSE Member
9 Mr. Y Manas Kumar Asst.Professor CSE Member
10 Mrs. T Ganga Bhavani Asst.Professor IT Member
11 Mr. A Nagendra Asst.Professor BS&H Member
12 Mrs. P Sravani Asst.Professor BS&H Member




  • Computation of total requirement of invigilators for each examination

  • Seating arrangements for external examinations

  • Conduct of External examinations (theory and practical)

  • Arranging dispatch of Answer Script bundles to university

  • Arranging required number of subject experts for evaluation at University/Autonomous spot centre.

  • Conducting Evaluation of Answer Scripts (in case of autonomous)

  • Downloading of question papers from University/External experts and printing, ensuring confidentiality

  • Preparation of Result Analysis

  • To interact with University for exam related works.

  • Preparation of remuneration bills of invigilators, examiners (Internal as well as External).

To review from time to time, the results of end semester examinations and forward reports thereon to the Principal.