Anti Ragging Committee


S.No Name Designation Position
1 Dr.S.Sambhu Prasad Principal Chairman
2 Sri.D.Nataraj Assoc. Prof. ECE & Co-ordinator Member
3 Dr.K.Satyanarayana HOD-EEE Member
4 Dr.G.Naresh Prof. of EEE & Dean Administration Member
5 Dr.Y.Jayababu Prof. of CSE Member
6 Dr. DVNSM Nagesh Deevi HoD-ECE Member
7 Dr.M.Radhikamani(W) HOD-CSE Member
8  Dr.V.Sailaja(W) Prof. of ECE Member
9 Dr.B.S.V.Rama Rao HOD-ME Member
10 Dr.M.Balaiah HOD-BS&H Member
11 Dr.R.V.S.Ramakrishna HOD-CIVIL Member
12 Mrs.D.Sirisha (w) HOD-IT Member
13 Sri.S.Vamsi Kiran Assoc.Prof. and T&P Officer Member
14 Dr.B.Rajani (w) Assoc. Prof.of EEE Member
15 Mrs.P.Sunitha(w) Assoc. Prof.of ECE Member
16 Ms.B.Preethi Devi (w) Asst.Prof.of IT Member
17 Dr.T.Satyanarayana Assoc. Prof.of BS&H Member
18 Mr.R.Raja Sekhar Asst.Prof. of Civil Member
19 Mr. S.M.Shariff Asst.Prof. of EEE Member
20 Mr.N.Raghuveer Asst.Prof. of ME Member
21 Mr.K.Raghuram Assoc.Prof. of ECE Member
22 Mr.K.Pasipalana Rao Asst.Prof. of ECE Member
23 Mr.G.Vijay Kumar Asst.Prof. of CSE Member
24  Mr.V.Surya Prakash Asst.Prof. of IT Member




  • To implement the provisions of Anti Ragging Act 1997.

  • Anti-ragging squad assists the Principal & Respective HODs in prevention of Ragging within their blocks & in and around college campus.

  • They will also assist the Principal in maintaining discipline in and around college campus during the college functions like Orientation Programme, Technical Festivals,Seminars, Conferences, and College Day etc., organized in the college.

  • The squad functions within the blocks & in and around the college campus and reports any incident to any member of the Anti-Ragging committee who escalates it further to Principal.