• OPAC provides the access to the Pragati Library Data
  • OPAC allows the users to know the library collection and the status of the library resource
  • OPAC allows the users to search the database by Title, Author, Call No, or Accession No of the document
  • Details of OPAC Server :
    Wipro Net Power                                                       
    Intel Xeon Quad core2 GB RAM
    4×72 GB SCSI Hard disk
    15” Monitor
    Zebra server (for Internet Books)
  • In-house/remote access e-publications
    Both faculty and students can access e-publications like E-Journals, E-Books and NPTEL Resources through LAN or Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Library Automation
    Koha 3.4 Library Automation system
    Koha 3.4 OPAC
    All the data relating to the Library is computerized and bar coding software is available. Automation software called KOHA is being used for the daily operations of library like issue and return of books to students and staff.

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