Library staff members

1 Mrs. Ch. VASANTHA LAKSHMI Asso.Prof &LibraryIncharge M.TECH
2 Mr. K. Siva Prasad Asst. Prof M.Com, M.LI.Sc., PGDLAN
3 Mr. P. Surya Prakasha Rao Asst.Prof. B.Com, M.LI.Sc.
4 Mrs. V.S.M. Sridevi Asst.Prof M.A, M.LI.Sc., PGDLAN
5 Mr.Ch. Prasada Rao Library Asst. B.A., M.LI.Sc.
6 Mr. K.V.V. Satyanarayana Library Asst. B.Com
7 Mr. D.V. Ramana Murthy Library Asst. B.Com
8 Mr.N.Ch.R .Guptha Attender 10th Class

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