Department of Information Technology


The Department of IT was established in the year 2001 to groom the student of A.P for the requirements of IT industry. The Department has emerged as a reputed center of learning in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh. Footprints of the department´s students can be found in most of the local and global software majors. Student of this department mainly, brought glory to the college by securing University Rank.


The department strives to empower the students, to achieve the demanding standards of IT industry, by bringing about a synergistic academic environment wherein cutting edge technologies, industry experts, faculty and students are engaged in a sustained interaction.


Students and Staff of the department have organized themselves into an association CYBER SIBLINGS along with their counter parts in the CSE department. Cyber siblings act as forums for academic interaction, intellectual enquire and exposure to emerging technologies besides being an outlet for the students´ creative prowess. The association periodically organizes events, guest lectures and work shops to this end.