• M.Tech (Embedded Systems) — 18 Seats
  • Embedded systems is a four semester work integrated learining programme designed for engineer working in the embedded system industry (auto motive, avionics, consumer electronics, medical devices, defense and processor design) who want to gain knowledge in state of the art tools and theories.Embedded system are playing an ever increasing role in our society.Embedded system are hardware/software combinations whose purpose in to control a device, a processor or a large system.

  • M.Tech (VLSI System Design) — 18 Seats
  • Traditionally, VLSI technology has emerged out as a successful conglomeration of two streams material science and electrical engineering. The state of the art VLSI technology requires research in physical device as well as novel design and development of electrical circuits.Modern VLSI design requires a lot of circuit knowledge. Designers are required to design their circuits with help of EDA tools.

Course Structure