• Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada, Kakinada recognizes Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Pragati Engineering College(A), as a Research Center for the Academic Years 2018-19 and 2019-20.

The research areas are:

  • Computer Vision

  • Data Science

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Information Systems

  • Mobile Computing




  • The Department of CSE, Pragati Engineering College (Autonomous) is Zonal Lead for – A national wide AI Skilling and Research Initiative.

  • The Objective of the initiative is making Deep Learning and AI skills mainstream in India to fulfil trilateral needs of entrepreneurship, Industry academia partnership and application-inspired Engineering Research

Research Group Members:

  • Dr. S Rao Chintalapudi, Head of Research group,Associate Professor, Department of CSE.

  • Dr. M. Radhika Mani,Member of Research Group, Head &Professor,Department of CSE.

  • Mrs. D. Sirisha,Member of Research Group Head & Associate Professor,Department of IT

  • M V Rajesh,Member of Research Group, Associate Professor,Department of CSE

  • Prof. S V Ramana Murthy,Member of Research Group, Professor,Department of CSE

  • Mrs. Y. Jnapika,Member of Research Group, Assistant Professor,Department of CSE

Name of the AI Students Club: Future Now

Name of the Student Ambassador: Ms. Hyndhavi Kona


Research Group Achievements:

S.No. Date Review Rating given by
1 09-11-2018 3/5
2 12-04-2019 3.5/5

Research Group Activities:

  • Dr. S Rao Chintalapudi – Winner of the AI and Deep Learning Assessment Test conducted at SRKR Engineering College, Bhimavaram. He scored 37 marks out of 40. And he received cash prize from Prof. Deepak Garg, Director, and Dr. Sridhar Swaminathan , Project Manager,

  • The “Deep Learning Boot Camp—An Awareness Program on Deep Learning” is organized on 10th August 2018 and explained about applications of deep learning in their respective core areas.

  • 1143 students were trained and 64 mini projects were done in AI & Deep Learning area through this research group till now.




  • Inaugurated Pragati Innovation Hub –Knowledge Partner “Deloitte” in the campus on 15thJuly 2019 that facilitates collaboration on innovative research, technology or software solutions, involving a combination of govt., academic and industry participants.

Name of the Faculty Coordinators

  • Mrs. K. Divya, Assistant Professor, Department of CSE

  • Mrs. Y. Jnapika, Assistant Professor, Department of CSE

Technology Transfer Activities:

    • A Two Day ideation camp is conducted under Deloitte Innovation Hub.




      • The Mobile computing research group is established in collaboration with TCS. This group provides facilities for developing web applications, mobile payment systems, mobile security protocols and other mobile applications.

      • The research is going on in the areas of designing and implementing network security protocols in the mobile environment. Other research areas include quantum cryptography, Biometric encryption.

Research Group Members:

      • Mr. S.V. Ramana Murthy, Head of Research Group, Professor, Department of CSE

      • Dr. A. Radha Krishna, Member of Research Group, Associate Professor, Department of CSE

      • Dr. N. Leelavathy, Member of Research Group,Head &Professor,Department of CSE

      • Mr. G. Satya Suneetha,Member of Research Group, Associate Professor,Department of CSE

      • Mr. B.S.N.V. Ramana Murthy, Member of Research Group,Associate Professor,Department of CSE

      • Mr. Tomesh Jain, Member of Research Group,Assistant Professor,Department of CSE