List of Sponsored Research Project proposals submitted to various funding agencies:


S.No PI and Co-PI Details Title of the Project Scheme Funding Agency Budget Proposal Submission Date Status
1 Dr. M. Radhika Mani National Conference on Advances in Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Applications Grant for Conference AICTE ₹5,00,000/- 31/12/2019 Completed
2 Dr.M.Radhika Mani,
Mr.S.Vamsi Kiran
Enhancement of Tribal People Livelihood through Intervention of Banana Fiber Handicrafts SEED/TSP DST ₹79,97,200/- 28/10/2020 Sanctioned
3 Dr.M. Radhika Mani,
Mrs.G. Kumari,
Mrs.G. Surya Kala Eswari
Design of Novel Methods for Representation of Shape Components for Object Recognition RPS AICTE ₹4,14,322/- 19/12/2020 Under Evaluation
4 Dr. M. Radhika Mani NewGen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre NewGen IEDC-NSTEDB DST ₹2,87,50,000/- 15/7/2019 Under Evaluation
5 Dr. M. Radhika Mani Modernization of Cloud Computing and Bigdata LAB MODROBS AICTE ₹18,00,000/- 22/8/2019 Under Evaluation
6 Dr. M. Radhika Mani Assessing the Impact of Research and Development on Agricultural Innovation for the state of Andhra Pradesh, India NSTMIS DST ₹42,12,450/- 31/8/2019 Under Evaluation
7 Mrs. D. Uma Cyber Security and Block Chain Technology ICPS DST ₹8,50,000/- 30/11/2019 Under Evaluation
8 Mr. M. Raja Kumar Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning ICPS DST ₹8,30,000/- 30/11/2019 Under Evaluation
9 Dr. M. Radhika Mani Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking STTP AICTE ₹4,85,000/- 31/12/2019 Under Evaluation
10 Dr. M. Radhika Mani Modernization of Cyber Security Lab MODROBS AICTE ₹19,58,882/- 31/12/2019 Under Evaluation