R&D Cell


S.No. Name Designation Department Status
1 Dr. P.V.S.Machiraju Professor & Dean(R&D) BS&H Convener
2 Dr.D.B.V.N.S.M.Nagesh Assoc.Prof & Associate Dean R&D ECE Co-Conver
3 Dr.R.V.S.Rama Krishna Professor & HOD CE Member
4 Dr.G.Naresh Professor & Dean Admin EEE Member
5 Dr.G.Satish Asst.Professor ME Member
6 Dr.M.Radhika Mani Assoc.Professor & HOD CSE Member
7 Dr.S.Suresh Assoc.Professor IT Member
8 Dr M Balaiah Assoc.Professor & HOD BS&H Member




Studies / Reviews/ Recommends:

  • R&D and Consultancy projects of various funding agencies like BRNS, DST, UGC and AQIS of AICTE and communicate to HoDs.

  • R&D proposals to various funding agencies put up by heads of the departments.

  • Funding or infrastructure to be provided by College.

  • Possible contribution by industry or other agencies to R&D.

  • Establishment of specialized facilities for testing.

  • Ongoing Consultancy activities and additional support for furtherance

  • Patent proposals

  • Record of the activities and related correspondence.