Gents Hostel


S.No. Name Designation Department Status
1 Mr.K.Raghuram Assoc.Professor & Chief warden ECE Convener
2 Mr. R.Rajesh Asst. Professor & Warden ME Co-Convener
3 Mr.Rama Narasimha Murthy B Asst. Professor CE Member
4 Mr.B.Anil Kumar Asst. Professor EEE Member
5 Mr.G.Durga Prasad Asst. Professor ECE Member
6 Mr.T.Deepak Asst. Professor ECE Member
7 Mr.K.Arun Mani Kumar Asst. Professor CSE Member
8 Mr. A.Satyam Asst.Professor IT Member
9 Mr N Ramakrishna Asst. Professor BS&H Member
10 Mr. B.Papa Rao Sr Assistant Admin. Member
11 Mr. K.V.Govind Babu Sr Assistant Admin. Member


  Ladies Hostel


S.No. Name Designation Department Status
1 Mrs. B.Vasantha Lakshmi Assoc. Professor ECE Convener
2 Ms. K.Lalitha Asst. Professor CE Member
3 Mrs.K.Sandhya Rani Asst. Professor EEE Member
4 Mrs. Ch. Vasantha Lakshmi Assoc. Professor ME Member
5 Ms. R.Vijaya Lakshmi Asst.Professor ME Member
6 Mrs. Swetha Radha Srikakolapu Assoc. Professor ME Member
7 Ms.P.Anuradha Asst.Professor ECE Member
8 Mrs. A.S.Amrutha Varshini Asst. Professor ECE Member
9 Mrs.G.Kumari Asst. Professor CSE Member
10 Mrs. B.Preethi Devi Asst.Professor IT Member
11 Ms.K.Vani Sree Krishna Asst. Professor BS&H Member




  • To allocate rooms to the applicants and to ensure the required furniture in each room.

  • To prepare the mess menu, supervise its implementation and take decisions from time-to-time with regard to alterations.

  • To check frequently the quality of food supplied to the hostellers and take remedial steps.

  • To monitor the cleanliness of rooms, kitchen ,dining hall, corridors and toilets.

  • To make frequent surprise visits to assess the security arrangements and to maintain the discipline