Frequency of Meetings: Twice in an academic year


Governing Body of the college meets twice in a year to discuss various issues and aspects related to the development of the college. It includes considering and approving the institution strategic plan which sets the academic aims and objectives of the institution and identifies the financial, physical and staffing strategies. Governing Body considers the recommendations of Academic Council, Finance Committee, Boards of Studies, etc and  chalks out a roadmap to achieve the goals of the institution. After every meeting, minutes are recorded and circulated to all members. Also, the Action Taken Report is also prepared and shared with the members.


Members of Governing Body
S.No. Name of Member Position in the Current Engagement Position in the GB Nominated by
1 Dr.  P. Krishna Rao Educationalist & Industrialist Chairman Gayatri Educational Society
Members of the Trust /Society / Management
2 Sri. M. V.  Haranatha Babu Director (Management) Member Gayatri Educational Society
3 Smt. P. Malathi Educationalist Member Gayatri Educational Society
4 Sri. M.Satish Vice-President Member Gayatri Educational Society
Faculty members of the Institution
5 Dr.  G. Raghuram Professor of ECE & Director Member Governing Body, PEC
6 Sri. S. Vamsi Kiran Assoc. Professor & TPO Member Governing Body, PEC
7 Dr. P. Sunitha Assoc. Professor of ECE Member Governing Body, PEC
8 Sri. V. Rajanna Vice-President and Regional Head-A.P. & Telangana Regions,Tata Consultancy Services, Hyderabad Member Gayatri Educational Society
9 Sri. V.  V. R. Sastry Former Chairman and
Managing Director, BEL
Member Gayatri Educational Society
10 Dr. Ganapathi Panda Former Prof. of Electrical Engineering, IIT-Bhubaneswar,Odisha Member Gayatri Educational Society
11 Prof.  D. Nageswara Rao Former Vice-Chancellor,
Centurion University, Odisha
Member Gayatri Educational Society
12 Prof. Vir Singh Former Professor of Physics
IIT Roorkee
Member Gayatri Educational Society
Nominee of the UGC
13 Prof. Md. Altaf Khan Senior Professor, Dept. of Commerce & Business Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia (Central University), New Delhi Member UGC
Nominee of the AICTE
14 AICTE nominates its representative for every meeting AICTE
Nominee of the State Government
15 Dr. M Dasu Principal I/C, Andhra Polytechnic College, Kakinada Member State Govt.,Andhra Pradesh
Nominee of the University to which the Institution is affiliated.
16 Dr.  A. Swarna Kumari Professor of Mechanical Engineering, UCEK,JNTUK, Kakinada Member JNT University Kakinada, Kakinada
Head of the Institution , Ex-officio
17 Dr.  S. Sambhu Prasad Principal Member-Secretary Ex-Officio.