Pragati Engineering College had signed a MoU with M/s TalentSprint, Hyderabad in 2013. The scope of the MoU is as follows,

1) A Centre of Excellence (CoE) will be established by TalentSprint in our campus.

2) As a Part of Centre of Excellence, the following will be delivered (a combination of in class training and virtual learning)

a) Technology Training (Java/Testing) – 150 Hrs

b) Project Development – 120 Hrs

c) Industry Readiness Training- 80 Hrs

d) Industry Seminars – 50 Hrs

3) Students will be co-certified by TalentSprint and IIIT, Bangalore.

4) Post completion of the training, these trained students will be eligible for campus recruitments from among the list of companies signed up with TalentSprint.

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