I definitely believe Pragati Engineering College has the potential to be one of the top notch engineering colleges in India. The infrastructure, the faculty and the administration are truly world class. The encouragement that Pragati gives for its students to develop both in technical and personal traits is truly marvelous. I had my seeds of leadership nurtured with the opportunities provided by Pragati to be a part of core member of eJive (Technical Symposium) and Strides (cultural fest). It is one place where creative ideas are nurtured and helps to bring them to reality. One such gesture is shown in my case, by allowing me take up an innovative practical idea, as my final year project. Even though there is a risk involved in it, that the project might fail, Pragati has backed us by filling confidence in us and thus driving the project to be a success. Also my success in higher education can definitely be attributed to Pragati Engineering college for laying my basics very strong
                Having seen my Pragati friends excelling across multiple fields and geos, I can proudly say that Pragati is creating world class engineers. Thanks to Pragati for all support and encouragement. Wishing Pragati all success in all future endeavors.


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