A first of itst kind Meet The Leader” programme was initiated to develop the Leadership qualities among students and to mould them into future leaders.

  • The programme was launched by Mr.A.S.Murty, Chief-Technology Officer (CTO), Mahindra Satyam, on 23 July 2011. He spoke on “Issues and Challenges in Global Knowledge Organisations”.
  • Mr.Subramaniyan Venkatraman, Vice-President, CA Technologies (India) Ltd, visited the college on 05 March 2012 and addressed the students on “Finishing Strong – Secret to Success in Life”.

The following are its objectives

  • To invite the ‘Leaders’ from Corporate, Academics and Business (Entrepreneurs) and arrange for an interactive session for our students to share their knowledge and experience.
  • To inculcate ‘Leadership’ qualities among students and mould them in to future leaders.

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