Pragati Engineering College had entered in to collaboration with Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE), a non-profit organisation located in USA in 2012. The following are the benefits for the college as part of this collaboration.

  • Affiliation with IFEES (International Federation of Engineering Education Societies); access to special programs such as International Conferences, Global Webinars and Global Student Programs.
  • Contacts with over 200 US Experts and their Institutions; short visits by US experts.
  • Facilitation of collaborations with US colleges including MOUs, Centers of Excellence, twinning programs, faculty and student exchanges, visits to US universities.
  • Short workshops or courses for faculty and/or students by US experts travelling to India (Faculty Leadership Institute, FLI); Member Host Institution in India pays costs and may recoup part of its investment through fees for outside participants.
  • Webinars and short courses on-line by US experts, Indian experts and Industry Leaders relevant for faculty and students on relevant topics conducted regularly.
  • Advising by US faculty as Research Co-Guides for faculty pursuing PhDs.
  • Opportunities for US faculty or Indian faculty from Member Institution to spend a semester or more at other’s college, collaborating in research and teaching.
  • Advice from US experts in hosting International Conferences or Seminars.
  • Advice from US experts on Improving Academic Infrastructure, including assistance in setting up
  • Centers of Excellence and special laboratories for improving teaching and research
  • Advice in connecting with potential US colleges interested in twinning programs (such as 2+3 BS/MS and 4 +1 MS degree programs).
  • Advise Member Institutions with Strategic Planning for enhancing quality of academics, including contacts with US experts for Advisory Boards
  • Facilitate Student Networking with each other, faculty and industry experts using a unique on-line platform (

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