I B.Tech I Semester Supplementary Exam Notification-Feb – 2018[Click here]

I M.Tech I Semester Exam Notification Regular & Supplementary-Dec- 2017[Click here]

I B.Tech I Semester Exam Notification Regular & Supplementary-Nov- 2017[Click here]

II B.Tech I Semester Regular (R16) Examination Notification-October-2017[Click here]

I B.Tech II Semester Supplementary (R16) Exam Notification-Sep-2017[Click here]

I M.Tech II semester(R16) Exam Notification-May-2017[Click here]

I B.Tech II semester(R16) Exam Notification-Apr-2017[Click here]

I B.Tech I semester Supplementary(R16) Exam Notification-Apr-2017[Click here]
R16 Regulations I B.Tech I Semester Revaluation-Jan-2017(For 2016 Admitted Batch)[Click here]

B.Tech Examination Notification-Nov-2016[Click here]

M.Tech Examination Notification-Dec-2016[Click here]

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