The Department is headed by Prof. Dr. P. Kumar Babu. The members of faculty continuously upgrade their knowledge, skills, and educational qualifications. The members of faculty execute research projects with funding from national and international level sources, and disseminate research by presenting/ publishing in National/ International Seminars, Conferences, and Journals, creating intellectual resource. The academicians impart their knowledge to the students through effective classroom teaching, summer/ special training, guiding industry-oriented projects, and helping students to present papers in student paper contests and national conferences. The academicians invite advanced inquiry from the students. The teachers conduct Industrial Training Programs in order to benefit the students as well as the industry personnel. The teachers utilize the audio-visual equipment for effective communication, wherever applicable. The technicians cater to the institutional fabrication/ machining/ maintenance needs.

Teaching Staff

S.No. Name of the Employee Qualification Designation AADHAR NO. PAN
1 Dr. S. Sambhu Prasad B.E., M.E. Ph.D. MBA Professor & Principal 525635816248 ALHPS9298N
2 Dr. P Kumar Babu M.Tech Ph.D., Professor & HOD 365527019312 AGSPK8225F
3 Dr. Ch Venkatadri Naidu M.E. Ph.D.., Professor 320541827668 AFKPC7711D
4 Mr.P.Sukumar M.Tech., Assoc. Professor 832982005400 BBNPP0487K
5 Mrs.Ch.Vasantha Lakshmi M.Tech., Assoc. Professor 773333287902 AIDPC3906E
6 Mr.G.Avinash M.Tech., Asst. Professor 416062277528 AKFPG1392N
7 Mr.D.J. Johnson M.Tech., Asst. Professor 459213845693 BAWPD9910K
8 Mr. A V Ramana Rao M.Tech., Asst. Professor 674580556057 AMKPA5381L
9 Mr.M.Sunil Raj M.Tech., Asst. Professor 678019308431 BKVPM3156M
10 Mr.S.Srikanth M.Tech., Asst. Professor 972096884418 DOGPS4180N
11 Mr. Pandu Ranga G M.Tech., Asst. Professor 501481471593 APYPG4743D
12 Mr.K.Aravinda M.Tech., Asst. Professor 490775958092 BEWPK2114Q
13 Mr.G.V.N. Santosh M.Tech., Asst. Professor 804305162295 AXBPG3789Q
14 Ms.K.Deep Rani M.Tech., Asst. Professor 566411751681 COYPK6339E
15 Ms.M.V.Lakshmi M.Tech., Asst. Professor 421168508897 CAPPM0720E
16 Mr.K.V.V.N.R.Chandra Mouli M.Tech., Asst. Professor 317823713194 DYPPK9196H
17 Mr.N.Raghuveer M.Tech., Asst. Professor 317487733967 AOBPN2677M
18 Mr.DVG.Srinivas M.Tech., Asst. Professor 653357501365 AUNPD2646J
19 Mr. V V N Sarat M.Tech., Asst. Professor 298342134897 AVWPV2386D
20 Ms.I.Gopi Lakshmi M.Tech., Asst. Professor 291224328827 AFHPI0928M
21 Mr.M.R.K.R.Chowdary M.Tech., Asst. Professor 292933355507 BLOPM0561J
22 Mr.G.BalaKrishna Reddy M.Tech., Asst. Professor 545104785547 AVPPG4219B
23 Mrs.B.Anusha Sri Kanta M.Tech., Asst. Professor 892729651304 AWSPB8338A
24 Mr. V Ravi Veera Chowdary M.Tech., Asst. Professor 303153213593 AZGPV5942F
25 Mr.P.Ram Prasad M.Tech., Asst. Professor 687540933354 CFCPR0230L
26 Mr. R Rajesh M.Tech., Asst. Professor 837310501296 BWCPR5843M
27 Mr. K Satya Vara Prasad M.Tech., Asst. Professor 983341169547 CPCPK 0808R
28 Mr. A Phani Bhaskar M.Tech., Asst. Professor 866355926385 BJRPP6422L
29 Ms.P.Gayathri B.Tech Asst. Professor 454619962681 BAXPG6960M
30 Ms.M.Amrutha B.Tech Asst. Professor 597270601505 CGWPM8289D
31 Mr.K.Dinesh Babu B.Tech Asst. Professor 328525412387 CDXPK4464N
32 Ms.B.Adilakshmi Sumathi B.Tech Asst. Professor 264092725369 BSMPB4946F
33 Mr.V.Naga Babu B.Tech Asst. Professor 454744182282 APZPV9621C
34 Mr.M.Rambabu B.Tech Asst. Professor 682101092118 AJLPH2830F
35 Ms. S Hemani B.Tech Asst. Professor 413933216254 FQCPS 2860H
36 Ms.D.Maha Lakshmi B.Tech Asst. Professor 279072245218 BBGPD6852F
37 Dr. P.V.V.N.R.P.Raju Ph.D., Visiting Faculty
38 Mr. V Venkata Ravi Ram M.Tech Visiting Faculty 811817581597 ADUPP7568F
39 Mr. B S Rao B.E. Visiting Faculty 738880199833 AGGPB5524Q
40 Mr. A Sreedhar B.E., Visiting Faculty 340749332095 AJAPA6939P
41 Mr. Surya Narayana Kolachena B.E. Visiting Faculty 798111868903 AAQPK3755L
42 Mr N Lakshman Vamsi B.Tech Visiting Faculty AL0PN2941A
43 Ms T Satveesha B.Tech Visiting Faculty 238865715000 APLPT0282R
44 Mr Padala V R Kaladhar Reddy B.Tech Visiting Faculty 279501957217 BQKPP9755J
45 Mr B Naveen Naga Kiran M.S. Visiting Faculty 832080337929 ATUPB8337J
46 Mr. Manikyala Srinivas B.E Visiting Faculty 474193746725 BFNPM3784C
47 Mr. Mannepalli Srinivas B.Tech Visiting Faculty 723432231584 ARLPM7545G
48 Mr. Sakya Singha Mahapatra B.Tech Visiting Faculty 536005323150 BCKPM7076D
49 Mr. Sridhar Yandamuri B.Tech Visiting Faculty
50 Mr. Jonnaganti Sathish B.Tech Visiting Faculty

List of members of Non-teaching staff, supporting staff and office staff

S.No Department/ laboratory
(for each lab separately)
Designation Technicians/ computer operators/ attenders etc No. of Staff members No. holding diploma or higher
1 Engineering Workshop Technician 1 1
2 Technician 1 1
3 Mechanics of Solids Technician 1 1
4 Metallurgy and Material Science Technician 1 1
5 Production Technology Technician 1 1
6 Thermal Engineering Technician 1 1
7 Metrology Technician 1 1
8 Machine tools Technician 1 1
9 Heat Transfer Technician 1 1
10 Instrumentation and Control Systems Technician 1 1
11 Simulation Lab Technician 1 1
12 Department Computer Operator 1 1
13 Department Attender 1

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