List of Teaching staff

S.No. Name of the Employee Qualification Designation AADHAR NO. PAN
1 Dr. Y V Ram Kumar Ph.D., Professor 657793225978 ABLPY8185G
2 Mr M. V. Rajesh M.Tech., Assoc. Professor & HOD 258835489932 AMYPM2152P
3 Mr.P.Surya Prabhakara Rao M.Tech., Asst. Professor 324998558818 ARNPP3658D
4 Mr V. Surya Prakash M.Tech., Asst. Professor 590450303813 CVVPS1954B
5 Mr. Ch. Venkata Ramana M.Tech., Asst. Professor 810383188128 AJSPC5424D
6 Ms.B.Preethi Devi M.Tech., Asst. Professor 305388718346 BMQPB5121E
7 Mrs.P.V.Komali M.Tech., Asst. Professor 717665561445 CCNPP5764R
8 Mrs.G.Surya Kala Eswari M.Tech., Asst. Professor 690749902084 ANZPG3219P
9 Mrs. Y Sri Latha M.Tech., Asst. Professor 657129261518 CPDPS6450Q
10 Mr. S Srinivas M.S. Visiting Faculty from Industry 338470470980 AVPZPS6042A
11 Mr.N.Muralidhar Chowdary B.Tech Visiting Faculty from Industry 232670786008 ANEPM0971B

List of members of Non-teaching staff, supporting staff and office staff

S.No Department/ laboratory
(for each lab separately)
Designation Technicians/ computer operators/ attenders etc No. of Staff members No. holding diploma or higher
1 IT Computer Lab – I Technician 1 1
2 IT Computer Lab – II Technician 1 1
3 Department Computer Operator 1 1
4 Department Attender 1

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