Guest Lectures/Seminars Organized

A.Y. 2018-19

Student Activities

A.Y. 2018-19

Guest Lectures/Seminars Organized

A.Y. 2017-18

Student Activities

A.Y. 2017-18

Guest Lectures/Seminars organized in A.Y.2016-2017

1 15-3-2017 Career opportunities Srinivas S, INdigenius,vskp GUEST LECTURE
2 11-3-2017 Career opportunities in software filed Sri Prasad Kodukulla

Cyient Technology

3 6-3-2017 to 11-3-2017 Ethical Hacking workshop workshop
4 6-3-2017 Microsoft Imagine Cup GUEST LECTURE
5 16-2-2017 Space Technology Space Scientists workshop
6 28-1-2017 Big Data(what,why&How) Sri K Sri Charan

Ispace global services pvt ltd

7 20-12-2016 Make Yourself Job Ready Srinivas S, INdigenius,vskp GUEST LECTURE
8 13-12-2016 Ethical Hacking K, Chaitanya kumar SEMINAR
9 05-12-2016 Meet the Leader Programme Dr. Ganta Subba Rao


10 30-11-2016 Meet the Leader Programme Dr K.Lakshmi Narayana, IAS, Director, APSSDC SEMINAR
11 27-09-2016 Cyber Security in Banking Sector Mr. B. Suri Babu GUEST LECTURE
12 01-09-2016 to


PYTHON Programming Mr. Kolluru Pavan Kaumar Workshop
13 08-08-2016 IoT with Cloud centre of excellence Mr. Magnus Martensson and Mr Prabhijit singh Bhashi SEMINAR
14 17-06-2016 &19-06-2016 Microsoft AZURE course Mr.Prabhjot singh Bhakshi, Regional Director, Microsoft & Mayur  Katarmal , SME, Microsoft Workshop
15 11-03-2016 Startups and Entrepreneurship Orientation N.M.Bhatta Professor IIM Indore Workshop

Guest Lectures/Seminars organized for A.Y.2015-16

S.No Date Event Title Resource Person
1 17-03-2016 Training program Office365
2 03-03-2016 Boot Camp Microsoft Imagine Cup
3 11.3.2016 Workshop Startups and Entrepreneurship Orientation Prof. N.M. Bhatta, IIM Indore
4 27-02-2016 Interactive Session Meet The Scientist Dr.A.V.R. Reddy
5 06-01-2016 EPROZYNE2K16
6 30-12-2015 Career Guidance Programme Mr.M.Satish,IRSE
7 29-12-2015 Interactive Session Mr.V.B.Gadgil, Chairman, L&T Metro
8 28-12-2015 Interactive Session Mr.D.B.Das, DGM,L&T Constructions
9 31-10-2015 Workshop AZILE Methodologies HYDSPIN
10 22-09-2015 Workshop Microsoft EDU CLOUD Mr. Gamesh Andela, Mobiliya, NECx
11 12-09-2015 Interactive Session Awareness on Mission R&D Programme Mr.I.J.Suhith, Alumni of college
12 08-08-2015 Interactive Session Anti Ragging Measures S.Rajasekhara Rao, Superintendent of Police, Peddapuram.
13 10-08-2015 Workshop Entrepreneurship development National Small scale industries corporation(NSIC)
14 30-07-2015 Interactive Session Mr.B.V.R.Mohan Reddy,Chairman,CYIENT Technologies
15 27-07-2015 Seminar Entrepreneurship & leadership development Mr.SrinivasRao ,Assoc Professor,BITS pilani
16 June-2015(Two weeks) Training Session Mobile Application Development APSSDC

Guest Lectures/Seminars organized for A.Y.2014-15

S.No Date Event Title Resource Person
1 08-04-2015 LeadLabs Youth Summit Sri Sangeeth Vargeesa
2 10-04-2015 Guest Lecture End-to-End Mobile Application Development Sri Raja Mummidi
3 27-03-2015 Webinar Web architecture of IoT Sri Ravindra Dastikop
4 19-03-2015 Webinar Internet of Things(IoT) Sri Ravindra Dastikop
5 16-03-2015 Guest Lecture Advances in Today’s Digital World Prof.N.M.Bhatta, Dean of Xavier Management Institute
6 11-03-2015 Webinar QTime learning – A National Perspective India.
7 07-03-2015 Boot Camp Microsoft Imagine Cup
8 23-02-2015 Interactive Session Sri Sudipto Lahiri
9 13-02-2015 Tech Fest EPROZYNE-2K15 In house
10 20-01-2015 Guest Lecture IT Strategy leading to better adoption of technology Mr.Rao Pddada, CTS
11 16-09-2014 Guest Lecture Data Normalization Prof.S.V.RamanaMurthy
12 12-09-2014 Guest Lecture Career Options for Engineering Graduates Mr.Winny Patro,Director,T.I.M.E
13 05-09-2014 Guest Lecture Employability Skills & Technology Expectations Mr.A.Subrahmanyam,TCS
14 05-08-2014 Guest Lecture IT in Telecom Industry Mr.M.S.Subrahmanyam,TCS
15 30-07-2014 Webinar Journey from College to Corporate Mr. Vikas Gupta, Director,Deloitte
16 24-07-2014 Webinar Career Path in Information Security Mr.Anjaneeya Sastry
17 23-07-2014 Seminar Soft skills Prof Y.Sumalatha
18 17, 18-07-14 Workshop Ethical Hacking Mr Sai Satish
19 10-07-2014 Guest Lecture Cyber banking vulnerabilities Dr.C.V.Ramamohan

Guest Lectures/Seminars organized for A.Y.2013-14

S.No Date Event Title
1 07-08-2014 Guest Lecture Behaving securely in cyber world
2 02-04-2014 Workshop Android
3 29-03-2014 Guest Lecture Employability skill improvement program
4 11-03-2014 Guest Lecture Career opportunities
5 18-02-2014 Guest Lecture Software engineering,past,present,future
6 02-02-2014 Guest Lecture Session on professional development
7 25-01-2014 Guest Lecture GATE, Importance and structure of the exam
8 24-01-2014 Guest Lecture Career guidance program by GITAM school and international business
9 04-01-2014 Workshop Microsoft Imagine Cup
10 30-07-2013 Guest lecture Information System Integration in Enterprise
11 28-06-2013 Guest lecture Microsoft student partners and Microsoft AZURE Program

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