Winter School

Objective: Making students to learn cutting edge technologies like High Performance Computing and Big Data along with their regular academics.
About the program conducted during Nov/Dec 2017:
20 meritorious students from II B.Tech (CSE) are selected based on their academic performance and screening test result. They are trained well in cutting edge technologies like High Performance Computing and Big Data during the inter semester break (i.e Nov/Dec-2017). Resource persons for this program are from premier institutes like CDAC Pune, JNTU Kakinada.
Course Title: High Performance Computing & Big Data
Course Structure:
Module 1: Openmp
Module 2: MPI
Module 3: MPI 2.0
Module 4: Hadoop- MapReduce
Module 5: Project
Resource Persons:
1. Dr. VCV Rao, Associate Director – HPC, CDAC Pune
2. Dr. M.H.M. Krishna Prasad, Professor, JNTU Kakinada

Target Students:
1st /2nd /3rd Year B.Tech CSE/IT students

After completion of each module students has to submit assignments given by the instructor.

After the successful completion of the course and submission of all the assignments with in the due date, student will be awarded with a certificate.
Mr. S Rao Chintalapudi,
Assitant Professor,
Department of CSE

List of students successfully completed winter school program during Nov/Dec 2017

S.No Roll No. Student Name
1 16A31A0550 Nanduri Naga Ramana Sai Sri Lakshman Tarun
2 16A31A05A5 Gudapati Sai Teja
3 16A31A0506 Chodisetty Sai Sruthi
4 16A31B0511 Kattoju V R Rajya Lakshmi
5 16A31A05A9 Kommoju Venkata Prasanth
6 16A31A0546 Motukuri Rama Satyanarayana
7 16A31B0513 Kethineedi Charishma
8 16A31A0519 Kona Hyndhavi
9 16A31A05B8 Teki Sai Kumar
10 16A31A0541 Korukonda Mahesh Kumar
11 16A31A0585 Polisetti Veera Venkata Lakshmi Prasanna
12 16A31A0511 Gorasa Sai Chandana Sirisha
13 16A31A0544 Mohammed Iftekharuddin
14 16A31A0572 Jayanthi Savithri Sowmya
15 16A31A0597 Annabathula Vamsi
16 16A31A0598 Batchu Tirupathi Swamy
17 16A31B0528 Susarla Samyukta

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