I-I Results(2015 admitted batch)

Toppers list:CSE-A
1)15A31A0501           Aayushi Jain: 88%

2)15A31A0554           M.Mahesh Reddy:86.9%

Toppers list: CSE-B
1)15A31A0562          A.SiriChandana: 94.42%

2) 15A31A0594          T.Sravya: 89%
Toppers list: CSE-C
1)15A31B0516          M.Mounika: 83%

2) 15A31B0521          P.ManjuBhargavi: 82%

II-I Results (2014 admitted batch)

Toppers list:CSE-A
1)14A31A0511           I.SaiManasa: 86.71%

2)14A31A0515           K.Saranya: 86.32%
Toppers list: CSE-B
1)14A31A0595           S.SahitheeSaranya: 86.97%

2)14A31A0585           N.SaiSreePrasanna: 84%

14A31A0597          Virodhula Bharathi:84%

III-I Results(2013 admitted batch)

Toppers list:CSE-A
1)13A31A0529           P.VenkataPadmavathi: 80.26%

2)13A31A0505           CherukuriSushmitha: 79.1%
Toppers list: CSE-B
1)13A31A0571           G.SriParimala: 82.71%

2)13A31A05A1          V.KrishnaPriyaMadhuri: 81.42%

IV-I Results(2012 admitted batch)

Toppers list:CSE-A
1)12A31A0535           V.Uma: 74.67%

2)12A31A0504           D.Divya: 74.4%
Toppers list: CSE-B
1)12A31A0584           R.S.U.V.Lakshmana: 77.2%

2)12A31A0575          M.SaiIndraja: 75.6%

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