Teaching Staff:

S.No Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Dr. N. Leelavathy Ph.D. Professor & HOD
2 Mr. S.V. Ramana Murthy M.Tech Professor
3 Mr. Y. Jaya Babu M.Tech, (Ph.D.) Professor
4 Dr. M. Radhika Mani Ph.D. Assoc. Prof
5 Mrs. D. Sirisha M.Tech, (Ph.D.) Assoc. Prof
6 Mr. M. Raja Kumar M.Tech, (Ph.D.) Assoc. Prof
7 Mr. A. Lakshman Rao M.Tech Assoc. Prof
8 Mr. B.S.N.V. Ramana Murthy M.Tech Assoc. Prof
9 Mr. B. Srinivas M.Tech, (Ph.D.) Assoc. Prof
10 Mrs. S. Sarada M.Tech (Ph.D) Assoc. Prof
11 Mrs. Sunita A Yadwad M.Tech, (Ph.D.) Assoc. Prof
12 Mrs. Y. Swathi M.Tech Assoc. Prof
13 Mrs. G Satya Suneetha M.Tech, (Ph.D.) Assoc. Prof
14 Mr.S.Rao Chintalapudi M.Tech, (Ph.D.) Asst. Prof
15 Mrs. K. Lakshmi Viveka M.Tech Asst. Prof
16 Ms. I. Gayatri Devi M.Tech Asst. Prof
17 Mr. T. Nirosh Kumar M.Tech Asst. Prof
18 Mrs. G. Kumari M.Tech Asst. Prof
19 Mr. K. Chandra Sekhar M.Tech Asst. Prof
20 Mr. Manas Kumar Yogi M.Tech Asst. Prof
21 Ms. R. Sri Divya M.Tech Asst. Prof
22 Mrs. P. Manasa M.Tech Asst. Prof
23 Mrs. Y. Jnapika M.Tech Asst. Prof
24 Mr. G. Vijay Kumar M.Tech Asst. Prof
25 Mr. T. Soma Sekhar M.Tech Visiting Faculty
26 Mr. Shailendra Phule M.Tech Visiting Faculty
27 Mr. B. Syamala Gandhi M.Tech Visiting Faculty
28 Mr. G. Venkata Rajesh B.Tech Visiting Faculty
29 Mr. DSK. Chakravarthy MCA Visiting Faculty
30 Mr. Manmohan Sankhla Jain MS (CS) Visiting Faculty
31 Mr. V.Rama Krishna B.Tech Visiting Faculty

II Shift Teaching staff

1 Mrs. Siddila Kavitha M.Tech Asst. Prof
2 Ms. D. Uma M.Tech Asst. Prof
3 Mr. Kanakala V Ravi Teja M.Tech Asst. Prof
4 Ms. L. Yamuna M.Tech Asst. Prof
5 Mr. K. Pavan Kumar M.Tech Asst. Prof
6 Mr. Geeta Vijay Kumar M.Tech Asst. Prof`
7 Mr. K.Arun Mani Kumar M.Tech Asst. Prof
8 Ms. P. Suryanka M.Tech Asst. Prof`

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