Summer School

About Summer School:
The Summer School at Pragati Engineering College (Autonomous) is an opportunity for students to gain valuable learning experience that goes far beyond the structured classrooms.

  • This program is different from the regular semesters in terms of structure, approach and content.
  • Students will explore emerging areas like High Performance Computing, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and provide space to test new ideas and methods.
  • The courses in Summer School are intense and are for short durations of between two to four weeks.
  • The Summer School program will run for Two/four weeks in the month of May every year during summer holidays.
  • The intellectual environment is also enriched by bringing in potential professionals, academicians and experts from across the country to teach.
  • After successful completion of Summer school course, students will get a course completion certificate.
  • Students will continue their work along with academics during Saturdays and Sundays.
  • The projects done in the summer school can be considered as mini projects and they can be further extended in the final year as academic projects.
  • These well trained students will become project team leads in the final year academic
  • In the years to come, programs will explore more avenues and grow in strength.
  • Hence, students have expertise in cutting edge technologies that will help in capturing highly payable jobs.
  • Summer School course on “High Performance Computing and Big Data Analytics”:

    The following are the 1st Year B.Tech students selected for proposed summer school course on “High Performance Computing and Big Data Analytics” for A.Y. 2017-18 after the screening test.

    S.No Roll No Name
    1 17A31A0545 Kilim Deva Kumar
    2 17A31A0526 Pydah Viswa Ramya
    3 17A31A0551 Sanampudi Sri Harsha
    4 17A31A0534 Ch. S. R. Surya Teja
    5 17A31B0502 Bandaru Subha Sri Lakshmi
    6 17A31B0552 Patnala Pardha Manikanth
    7 17A31A0514 Karri Vijaya Lakshmi
    8 17A31A0546 Koondrapu Koushik Sri Sai
    9 17A31B0518 Kondamuri Sivani
    10 17A31A0556 Thota Praveen Sai Santhosh
    11 17A31B0531 Peddireddy Sowmya
    12 17A31A0540 Garapati Sri Sai Vinay

    Course Content:
    Module 1: OpenMP
    Module 2: MPI
    Module 3: POSIX Threads
    Module 4: Hadoop MapReduce Framework

    Conference Hall, Main Block

    Resource Persons:
    1. Dr. VCV Rao,
    Senior Director,
    CDAC Pune
    2. Dr. MHM Krishna Prasad,
    Department of CSE, JNTUK
    3. Mr. S Rao Chintalapudi,
    Assistant Professor,
    Department of CSE,
    Pragati Engineering College .
    4. Subject experts from NIT Warangal and other premier institutes in AP & India.
    Coordinator Details:
    Mr. S Rao Chintalapudi
    Assistant Professor,
    Department of CSE,
    Pragati Engineering College.

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