The Cyberthon 2018 held at Gitams University ,Vishakapatnam on 26th April 2018 was attended by Faculty of CSE Dept. Mr.Y.Manas Kumar along with 4 students,Mr.N.V.S.Sesha Sai(IV Year CSE),Mr.K.Surendra( IV Year CSE) ),Ms.S.Padmini (IV Year CSE) ,P.Tanuja( III Year CSE).The team won the first prize from East Godavari Dist.They were awarded the prize with a cheque of Rs.6000 from the Honorable Minister of IT,Govt. of A.P. Mr.N.Lokesh on 27th April 2018.This event was part of the AP Cyber security Summit held on 27th and 28th April 2018 at Novotel,Vishakapatnam. Various dignitaries from A.P. Cyber Security Divison along with cyber security experts from reputed software companies like Mastercard,Synopsyes,McAfee were part of the expert panel discussions held on the same day and on 28th April,2018.The main discussion of he panel was regarding the various measures being taken by AP Govt. along with the Central Govt. to strength the privacy and security of the public by building a strong cyber security infrastructure.The summit concluded on 28th April 2018 by a direction of the Honorable IT Advisor for Govt. of A.P. Mr.J.A.Chowdhary to constitute a professional curriculum for students by the A.P. IT Academy.

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