The Dept is coordinated by Mr.P.Venkata Muthyalu. The members of faculty continuously upgrade their knowledge, skills, and educational qualifications. The members of faculty execute research projects with funding from national and international level sources, and disseminate research by presenting/ publishing in National/ International Seminars, Conferences, and Journals, creating intellectual resource. The academicians impart their knowledge to the students through effective classroom teaching, summer/ special training, guiding industry-oriented projects, and helping students to present papers in student paper contests and national conferences. The academicians invite advanced inquiry from the students. The teachers utilize the audio-visual equipment for effective communication, wherever applicable.

List of Teaching Staff

S.No. Name of the Employee Qualification Designation AADHAR NO. PAN
1 Dr. R V S Ramakrishna M.Tech., Ph.D. Professor&HOD 562456769259 ADCPR6450K
2 Mr.V.Raju M.Tech., Asst. Professor 362261506624 AVJPV2354A
3 Mr. R Rajasekhar M.Tech Asst. Professor 877043368125 ADRPV65462
4 Mr. B Rama Narashimha Murthy M.Tech Asst. Professor 633993446124 CCQPB5686M
5 Ms.G.N.V.V.S.S.L.Silpa Devi B.Tech Asst. Professor 726334998586 BECPG1200H
6 Mr.B.Subhan Ramji B.Tech Asst. Professor 610047757584 BUOPB2219M
7 Ms. P Vijaya Sai Mangeswari Devi B.Tech Asst. Professor 741386849082 CHXPP8174Q
8 Mr. D Varuneswar B.Tech Asst. Professor 829915545758 BUKPD6373G
9 Ms.A.Lakshmi Prasanna B.Tech Asst. Professor 864004578748 BSSPA3973R
10 Ms.T.Devi B.Tech Asst. Professor 690909443322 ATFPT8188E
11 Ms.D.S.S.S.Annapurna B.Tech Asst. Professor 431982147314 CFVPD8803C
12 Ms.K.Lalitha B.Tech Asst. Professor 384738815563 ELHPK7511N
13 Mr. D Gowri Sankar B.Tech Asst. Professor 957896914562 COYPD9295Q
14 Ms. V Sai Devi B.Tech Asst. Professor 673203229349
15 Ms. Sheik Sulthan Beebee B.Tech Asst. Professor 316308190407 ELWPS9608K
16 Mrs. R S Krishna Supretha B.Tech Asst. Professor 880953775832 BUTPR8459J
17 Mrs. U. Sowjanya B.Tech Asst. Professor 347049400778 FYOPS7420H
18 Mr. K Appala Naidu B.Tech Asst. Professor 428812566778 ATQPN86534
19 Mr. S Praveen Kumar B.E Visiting Faculty 637607504771 AFSPS4696B
20 Mr. V S Madhu Sudhana Rao B.Tech Visiting Faculty 877043368125 ADRPV65462
21 Mr. M Uday Bhaskar M.Tech Visiting Faculty 313266465577 ASEPM5821H
22 Mr. D Kishore Babu M.Tech Visiting Faculty 468892319601 AZBPD3596L
23 Mr. S Mohan Vamsi B.Tech Visiting Faculty

List of members of Non-teaching staff, supporting staff and office staff

S.No Department/ laboratory
(for each lab separately)
Designation Technicians/ computer operators/ attenders etc No. of Staff members No. holding diploma or higher
1 CE/Surveying – I & II Technician 1 1
2 CE/Concrete Technology Technician 1 1
3 CE/Engineering Geology Technician 1 1
4 CE/Transportation Engg Technician 1 1
5 CE/Water and Waste Water Engg Technician 1 1
6 CE/Geo Technical Engg Technician 1 1
7 CE/Supporting Staff Computer Operator 1 1
8 Department Attender 1

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