Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities
Department Committees (2015-2016)

Department Advisory Committee:

S.No Name of the Faculty Role
1 Mr.T Satyanarayana, Assoc. Prof Mathematics & HOD Convener
2 Mr.P Raj Shekhar Phaneendra, Asst Prof  in Physics & HOD-2 Member
3 Prof. N Ramam, Professor of Chemistry Member
4 Prof. P.V.S.Machiraju, Professor of Chemistry Member
5 Sri S.Vamsi Kiran, Assoc. Professor & TPO Member
6 Dr. N.Lakshmi, Assoc. Prof in Env.Science Member
7 Dr.M Balaiah, Assoc. Professor of Mathematics Member
8 Mrs.M.Madhavi, Asst Prof. in English Member
9 Lt.J.D.Naidu, Asst. Prof of English Member
10 Prof.B Venkateswara Rao, Professor of Mathematics External Member
11 Sri K.Vandanam, Professor of English External Member
12 Prof.D.S.S.V. Subbaraju, Professor of Physics External Member

Attendance Monitoring Committee:

S.No Name of the Faculty
1 Mr.P.Madhu Babu (convener)
2 Ms.B.Sridurga (Member)
3 Mr.A.Nagendra (Member)

Examination Committee:

S.No Name of the Faculty
1 Mr.T.Satyanarayana(HOD-1)
2 Mr.P.Raj Shekhar Phaneendra(HOD-2)
3 Mr.G.Bhaskara Rao (convener)
4 Mr.K.Seetharam (Member)

Department R&D Cell:

S.No Name of the Faculty
1 Prof.P.V.S.Machiraju (Dean)
2 Dr.M.Balaiah (convener)
3 Dr.N.Lakshmi   (Member)
4 Mr.T.Satyanarayana  (Member)
5 Mr.J.D Naidu(Member)
6 Mr.G.Bhaskara Rao  (Member)
7 Mr.G.Venkata Ratnam  (Member)
8 Mr.P.Satyanarayana  (Member)

Sports & Games:

S.No Name of the Faculty
1. Mr A.Adinarayana(Physical Director)
2 Mr.B Ahmad(Physical Director)
1 Mr.N.Brahmaiah (convener)
2 Ms.B.Sridurga (Member)

Transport Committee:

S.No Name of the Faculty
1 Mr.S.Prasad (Convener)
2 Ms.P.Kiranmai (Member)
3 Mr.A.Nagendra (Member)

Discipline committee:

S.No Name of the Faculty
1 Mr.K.Chakrapani (Convener)
2 Mr.J.D.Naidu (Member)
3 Mr.K.Balaji (Member)
4 Mr.K.Seetaram(Member)
5 Mr P Satyanarayana(Member)
6 Mrs.R.Sugnani(Member)
7 Mrs.P.Sowjanya(Member)

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