Name Academic Year2015-2016 Academic Year2014-2015 Academic Year2013-2014 Academic Year2012-2013
Faculty Development Programmes 0 04 12 22
Workshops 22 05 07 -
National Seminars 03 06 01 -
Total 55 15 20 22


Details of Faculty Development Programs


Academic Year Resource Person  FDP Topic Faculty Attended
2015-16 1.Dr.B.Sreedhar,M.Sc.,Ph.D,Scientist,IICT, Hyderabad Significance of Inter Disciplinary Research in Basic Sciences.
  1. P.V.S. MachiRaju, Prof. Of Chemistry.
  2. P.R.Phaneendra, Asst.Prof. of Physics.
  3. P.Satyanarayana, Asst.Prof of chemistry.
  4. A.Jyotsna,Asst.Prof. of Chemistry.
  5. K.VaniSriKrishna, Asst.Prof. of Chemistry.
  6. R.Amulyam,Asst.Prof. of Chemistry.
  7. G.Ravi Prasad, Ast. Prof. of Physics.
  8. P.Kiranmai, Asst.Prof of Physics.
  9. G.BhaskaraRao, Asst.Prof. of Physics.
  10. N.RamaKrishna, Asst.Prof. of Physics.
  11. V.NagaLakshmi, of Physics.
  12. P.Sravani, Asst.Prof of E.S.
  13. N.Prasanthi,Asst.Prof. E.S
  14. N.Ramam,Prof.of Chemistry.
  1. Dr.K.Kameswara Rao M.Sc, Prof of Environmental Sciences,A.U,Vsp.
  2. Dr. V.Sambasiva Rao, M.Sc,Ph.D, Lecturer, Dept.of Chemistry, Govt.College,Rjy.
4.Dr. L.K.Ravindranath, M.Sc.Ph.D,Dept. of Chemistry,SKU, Anantapur
  1. Dr.K.Ramachandra Rao M.Sc,Ph.D, Dept. of Physics, Govt.College,Rjy
  2. Dr.N.Krishna Prakashan, M.Sc,Ph.D, Faculty, Manager, Sarachandra Env.Solutions Pvt.Ltd. Kakinada.



  1. Dr.P.V.S.MachiRaju, M.Sc ,M.Phil., PGDES, Ph.D, DeanR&D, PEC,Surampalem.
2015-16 1.Dr.K.S.Ramesh ,principal,Adikavi nannayya university,Rjy. The New Paradigm in English Language Teaching: A Blended Approach in the present Global Context. 1.Mr.J.D.Naidu ( English)

2.Mr.K.Chakrapani( English)

3.Mrs.M.Madhavi( English)

4.Mr.N.Naresh Babu( of English)

5.Mr.B.Kishore Kumar( of English)

6.Mr.N.Brahmaiah ( of English)

7.Mrs.V.Shirley Grace( of English)


( of English)

9.Mr.K.Balaji( of English)

10.Mr.S.Prasad( of English)

11.Mr.G.Venkata Ratnam( of English)

12.Mr.B.K.Vidya Sagar( of English)

2.Dr.K.N.K.Visweswara Rao,Rtd.pricipal,Govt.Degree college,RCPM.
3.Prof.Naga Hanuman.

,Internal Resource person, PEC,Surampalem.


S.No Academic Year. Resource Person Topic of FDPs Organied Faculty Attended
1 2013-14 1.Dr.N.Rajashekar Reddy,Former Secretary,APSCHE,Hyd.

2.Dr.K.Venkat Reddy, EFLU,Hyd.

3.Dr.Pavan Kumar,Global Minds,Hyd.

4.Dr.Murali Darshan,Consultant and Prof.NIPERHyd.

Professional development 1.Mr.t.Satyanarayana,Associate Prof.Maths

2.Mr J.D.Naidu, of.English

3.Mr.N.Naresh Babu, of.English)


5.Mr.G.Bhasakar Rao, of physics

6.Mr.P.R.Phannendra, Physics


8.Mrs.A.Jyotsna, .of.Chemistry

9.Ms.K.Vani srikrishna, of .Chemistry

10.Mrs.D.Saraswathi,  Chemistry



2. Dr.P.G.Sastry Garu Outcome based Engineering Education for Quality Assurance 1.Mr.T.Satynarayana(Associate prof.of Maths)


3.Ms.K.Vani sri krishna( Chemistry)

4.Mr.M..V.Raghava reddy( Maths)

5.Mr.K.Anand( studies)


7.Dr.N.Lakshmi(Prof.of Env.studies)


S.No Academic Year. Resource Person Topic of FDPs Organied Faculty Attended
1 2012-13 Mr.K.suryanarayana,Senior consultant,Tata consultancy services Leader ship skills 1.Mr.T.satynarayana(Associate prof.of Maths)

2.Mr.K.Bhaskarrao (Associate prof.of Maths)


4.Mr.B.Kishore kumar(



7.Mr.N.Giridhar Babu( Physics)

8.Ms.K.Vani Srikrishna (


S.No Academic Year. Date Topic Faculty Attended
1 2015-16 5.2.2016 Project Based Learning Method using Simulation Tools and Hardware Exposure. 1.Mr.P.Madhu Babu ( Maths)
2.Ms.s.s.Vara Lakshmi ( Maths)
2 27.11.2015 Flipped Classroom Pedagogy for Engineering Studies. Project Management: Knowledge,Curriculum Design and Skills Development 1.Sri.T.Satyanarayana( Maths)

2.Ms.K.Vani SriKrishna( Chemistry)

3.Mrs.R.Amulyam( Chremistry)

4.Mr.G.Ravi Prasad ( Physics)

5.Mrs.A.Jyotsna ( Chemistry)

6.Mr.G.Bhaskar Rao( Physics)


( Physics)

8.Mrs.V.Shirley Grace( English)

9.Mr.K.Chakrapani( English)

10.Mrs.N.Prasanthi( E.S.)

11.Mrs.M.Madhavi( English)

12.Mr.B.Kishore Kumar( English)

13.Ms.V.Naga lakshmi( Physics)

14.Mrs.K.Himachandana( English)

15.Mr.N.Naresh Babu( English)

16.Mr.M.V.Raghava Reddy( Maths)

17.Mr.K.Seetha Ram( Maths)

18.Mr.A.Nagendra( Maths)

19.sri.P.R.Phaneendra( Physics)

1.Mr.K.Seetha Ram( Maths)

2.Mr.N.Brahmaiah ( English)

3.Mrs.P.Kiranmai( Physics)

4.Mr.G.Ravi Prasad( Physics)

5.Mr.N.Ramakrishna( Physics)

6.Mrs.V.Shirley Grace( English)

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